Seaweed Guides

Below is a small selection of seaweed guides. I have chosen ones with high-quality photographs with information suitable for non-scientists (although the books may be very useful to scientists as well). Meeresalgen and Seaweeds are German and English versions of more or less the same book, but are the only books currently that provide world coverage of most of the larger seaweeds that you will find in your travels. Even if you know little about seaweeds or plants, the colour photographs in the guides will allow you to put a name on a seaweed. Some of these can be obtained from booksellers. You can get some further information by clicking on each of the images.

A book on seaweed for children and young adults aged 7-16 can be found here. Books on seaweed cooking can be found here.

Meeresalgen - Wolfram BrauneMeeresalgen - Wolfram Braune