Michael D. Guiry

Michael D. GuiryMichael Dominic Guiry was born at Youghal, Ireland in 1949. He was educated by the Dominicans at Newbridge College, O.P., Co. Kildare, at the National University of Ireland (University College, Cork, 1970, 1972, B.Sc. and M.Sc.), and at the University of London (1976 Ph.D. 1988, D.Sc.).

ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0003-1266-857X

Academic appointments

Lecturer in Botany, University College, Galway/National University of Ireland Galway (1979-1989), Associate Professor (1989-1996), Professor of Botany (1996-2009). Visiting Research Fellow, University of Melbourne, Australia (1987-88). James Professor in Pure and Applied Sciences, St Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada (1989). Director of the Ryan Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway (1996-2009).

Elective posts and appointments

Member of the Royal Irish Academy (1991; on Council and in Office, 1994-1996; Vice-President 1995-7). Editor-in-Chief of Phycologia, the Journal of the International Phycological Society (1989-1993). President (1996-1997) of the International Phycological Society. President of the British Phycological Society (2005-2006). International Vice-President, Phycological Society of America (2012-2013). Editor-in-Chief, Notulae Algarum.

Honours and recognition


Author of A Consensus and Bibliography of Irish Seaweeds (Cramer, 1979), co-author of Seaweed Resources in Europe: Uses and Potential (Guiry & Blunden, Wiley, 1991), co-author of Check-list and Atlas of the Seaweeds of Britain and Ireland (Hardy & Guiry, British Phycological Society, Ed. 1, 2003; Ed. 2, 2006), Seaweeds -
A colour identification guide to seaweeds of the World.
(Braune & Guiry, 2011), A Catalogue of Irish Seaweeds (2012), and author of more than 265 research publications and articles on taxonomy, life histories, biodiversity, photoperiodism, molecular biology and commercial utilisation of marine and terrestrial algae.

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    Guiryella Huisman & Kraft, with one species Guiryella repens Huisman et Kraft from western and southern Australia. Cordylecladia guiryi from Sicily and Gloiocladia guiryi from Pacific Russia. Fucus guiryi from the north-eastern Atlantic. Meredithia guiryorum G.W.Saunders & C.W.Schneider from Lord Howe Island, Australia is named for Michael & Wendy Guiry.


    AlgaeBase, Room 301, Ryan Institute, National University of Ireland, University Road, Galway, H91 TK33, Ireland.