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I am willing to quote for your use of my copyrighted images: send me a description of how you are going to use my material and I will quote a price by return; there is, however, a minimum charge of EUR100 for each transaction, so please do not contact me if you are not willing to accept this charge. I can no longer provide images free for any purpose, so don't ask, please.

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Educational use

There is some misunderstanding about the term "educational use". This refers here to use of the images in visual presenations for lectures or seminars and the use in posters for meetings and symposia. It does not refer to use in text-books, reviews, chapters, and so on. Such use witout payment is not an option and do not write to me seeking permission if you do not intend to pay. Scientific book publishers make outrageous profits and should be obliged to pay for images and should not tell authors to go a-begging for free usage.

PLEASE NOTE: unauthorised use of images or data on web sites or in publications of any kind WILL be the subject of action via your service provider or publisher.

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