Seaweeds by Braune & Guiry

A colour guide to common benthic green, brown and red algae of the world's oceans. Translated and revised for the English language edition by Michael D. Guiry. 2011.

1020 figs on 263 col. plates. 601 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (ISBN 978-3-906166-90-2)

Seaweeds Published April 2011. Order from Koeltz Books. Credit cards accepted.

Contents: General and introductory remarks for the use of this book/ Introduction / About the term 'marine algae'/ Basic information on structure and reproduction/ Localities, habitats, distribution/ Notes on collection, preparation, observation and photography/ Ecological and economic importance of seaweeds and aesthetic - cultural aspects)/ Systematic classification/ Description and depiction of genera and species/ Appendix (Classification of seaweed genera included in this book/ Explanation of terms/ Literature)/ Index: Genera and species. - This a translation of the German edition (2008).15 pictures have been replaced with better ones, and seven species have been added. - The present guide will help in the identification of marine algae (macroalgae, seaweeds) without requiring special knowledge of the subject and technical aids, such as a microscope. For a person interested in nature with a general interest in and knowledge of biology, a direct comparison of seaweed material with the original colour images herein will be useful in recognising the essential morphological chararcteristics of genera and/or species. The acommpanying text is intended to support this, and is essentially reduced to a description of morphological characteristics that can be seen with the unaided eye (although a small magnifying lense is helpful in some cases). This is supplemented by additional information, particularly on habitat and geographical distribution.