Spongomorpha aeruginosa (Linnaeus) Hoek

Cladophora rupestris

Description: Gametophytes epiphytic on red algae, 10-30 mm in length, tufted, light green in colour, filamentous in construction becoming entangled rope-like when older. The sporophytes occur as filamenous endophytes in red algae such as Polyides rotundus and Dilsea carnosa.
Habitat: found in spring and early summer as epiphytes on cylindrical, branched red algae such as Furcellaria lumbricalis, Polyides rotundus and Chondracanthus acicularis in spring (February-May), on lower-shore rocks. Relatively uncommon.
Key characteristics: occurrence in spring, the light green colour, the development of a rope-like construction when older, and the epiphytic habit.
Similar species
: species of Cladophora, such as Cladophora rupestris.

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