Calliblepharis jubata (Goodenough & Woodward) Kützing

Calliblepharis jubata

Description: Cartilaginous but flaccid, dark brown-red fronds becoming yellow-brown apically, to 200 mm long. Stipe gradually beoming compressed, to 100 mm long, from sparingly branched rhizoidal holdfast. Blade lanceolate, to 10 mm wide, irregularly pinnate, clothed with tendril-like coiled or hooked processes, to 100 mm or more long in summer.
Habitat: On rocks and epyphytic, especially on Corallina officinalis in large open pools, midtidal to shallow subtidal (5 m), common on southern and western shores, rare in N Ireland and W Scotland.
Similar species: Calliblepharis ciliata is broader (to 50 mm), its marginal proliferations are shorter and less entangled, and it is mainly subtidal.
Notes: Genus name from Greek, kallos (beauty) & blepharis (eyelash).
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Calliblepharis jubata © M.D. Guiry

Photographs © M.D. Guiry