Calliblepharis ciliata (Hudson) Kützing

Fucus vesiculosus
Description: Flattened, subcartilaginous, purple-red fronds, to 300 mm long and 20-70 mm wide, lanceolate or forked, irregularly pinnate; when mature (in summer), the margins and the surface are covered with short, stiff proliferations (above). Short cylindrical stipe arises from creeping, branched holdfast.
Habitat: Larger lower intertidal pools and subtidal (0-25 m) on stones, maerl and shells, widely distributed, common in south and west, sometimes frequent in drift; occasionally abundant on bedrock below the lower limit of kelp.
Similar species: Calliblepharis jubata is narrower (to 10 mm broad); its marginal outgrowths are long, branched and entangled, and it is mainly found in pools and in rock in the lower intertidal.
Notes: Genus name from Greek, kallos (beauty) & blepharis (eyelash).

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Photographs © M.D. Guiry