Stenogramma interruptum (C.Agardh) Montagne

Schottera nicaeensis
Port na Willan, Steint, Rathlin Island, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland; subtidal © Francis Bunker, MarineSeen

Also known as Stenogramme interrupta and Stenogramma interrupta.

Common name: Papery Fan Weed

Description: Cartilaginous, flattened, bright red fronds, to 70 mm high, shortly stipitate from discoid base. Lamina fan-shaped, more or less dichotomously divided, segments about 10 mm wide, with rounded apices, margin usually smooth, rarely proliferous. Reproductive structures often occurring in a clearly visible, often discontinuous, 'midrib' over the surface of the fronds.
Habitat: On rocks, stones, pebbles; almost exclusively subtidal, southern and western coasts, occasional.
Similar Species: Phyllophora sicula; Rhodymenia pseudopalmata; Schottera nicaeensis.

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