Schmitzia hiscockiana Maggs & Guiry

Schmitzia hiscockiana

Description: Thallus distinctly compressed but fleshy and mucilaginous. Divided into blades to 80 mm long and 60 mm wide with compressed branches growing from the margins as pinnate parallel-sided proliferations.
Habitat:Rare, only sublittoral to 18 m on mobile substrata such as gravel and cobble. Often in tide-swept areas or areas with considerable wave exposure.

Schmitzia hiscockiana
Distribution: Generally western Ireland, Wales, western Scotland and south-western England; Sweden. Rare.
Reference: Maggs, C.A. & Guiry, M.D. (1985). Life history and reproduction of Schmitzia hiscockiana sp. nov. (Rhodophyta, Gigartinales) from the British Isles. Phycologia 24: 297-310.

Lower image © Bernard Picton, Ulster Museum.

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