Ralfsia verrucosa (Areschoug) J. Agardh

Schmitzia hiscockiana

Description: Thallus a blackish-brown to purplish, patchy, crust.  Thallus with a inistinct margin, formed of erect filaments curving up from a prostrate system.  Filaments fused, not easily separable under pressure, usually more than 10 cells long each cell with a single discoid chloroplast.  Hairs present.  Club-shaped multicellular (6-12 cells) paraphyses present. Unilocualr sporangia terminal in sori; plurilocular sporangia multiseriate, terminal in sori.
Habitat: upper to lower intertidal in pools on rock and on limpets, particuarly Patella vulgata.

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