Porphyra dioica Brodie & L.M. Irvine

Callophyllis laciniata
Common names: Purple Laver, Sloke (English), Sleabhchán, Sleabhac (Gaeil.)
Description: Membranous, monostromatic, olive-green to brown-purple or blackish fronds, to 500 mm long and 200 mm wide, from short stipe and basal holdfast.
Habitat: On rock in interdidal, mainly on semi-exposed shores hanging downwards from rocks embedded in sand or affected by sand. Most common in spring and early summer; widely distributed.
Usage: Laver bread is prepared from this species (and others). Plants are steeped in fresh water, boiled to a jelly, then used as a sauce with mutton or coated with oatmeal and fried in bacon fat. The related species, Porphyra yezoensis and P. tenera are cultivated for food on a large scale in Japan and other Far Eastern countries.
Similar species: Porphyra umbilicalis

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