Plocamium maggsiae G.W.Saunders & K.V.Lehmkuhl

Lomentaria clavellosa

Description: Narrow, compressed, cartilaginous, dull scarlet fronds, mature thallus 30-45 mm long (specimen above to 25 mm), tufted, densely branched upwards. Branching irregularly alternate, pinnules alternately secund in twos to fours. Stongly developed downwardly growing rhizoids.
Habitat: On rocks in shallow wave-washed hollows, in overflows from pools, and in sandy shallow pools.
Similar species: Plocamium cartilagineum, of which P. maggsiae looks like a minature version: see below for both species together, P. cartilagineum on right, P. maggsiae on left.
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Plocamium cartilagineum

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