Lomentaria articulata (Hudson) Lyngbye

Lomentaria articulata with Asterina gibbosa

Description: Soft, cylindrical, crimson to brownish red fronds, to 200 mm (normally much shorter). Lighter when wet (above), darker when dry (below). Much branched, axes constricted into bead-like portions, ramuli at nodes, often whorled. Base of creeping rhizoidal filaments.
Habitat: On rocks and stones, in pools, lower intertidal and subtidal, generally distributed, sometimes almost zone-forming, frequent.
Distribution: Widely distributed in Britain and Ireland.
Similar species: None in Britain and Ireland, although Lomentaria hakodatensis, introduced into Brittany from Japan, is similar. Lomentaria clavellosa and Lomentaria orcadensis are both distinctly flattened and mostly branched in one plane.
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