Gracilaria gracilis (Stackhouse) M. Steentoft, L.M. Irvine & W.F. Farnham

Lomentaria articulata with Asterina gibbosa
Description: Cartilaginous, cylindrical, dull purple-red fronds, to 500 mm long, one or several arising from small, fleshy, perennial discoid holdfast. Branching very irregular, sparse or profuse, branches to 2 mm diam., apices pointed. Internal tissue of large thin-walled more or less colourless cells with narrow outer cortical zone of small coloured cells.
Habitat: On rocks and stones, intertidal and subtidal, especially on sandy shores, generally distributed, common.
Usage: A species of importance for agar production in other parts of the world.
Note: Occasionally infected with the colourless, hemispherical parasite Holmesella pachyderma.

Gracilaria gracilis © M.D. Guiry

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