Chylocladia verticillata (Lightfoot) Bliding

Fucus vesiculosus
Description: Soft, gelatinous, cylindrical, purplish to brown-red fronds (often bleached yellow or almost white in sunny habitats), to 300 mm long, filled with a watery mucilage. Main axis simple, jointed, with nodal diaphragms, very slightly constricted at nodes, 2-several branches per node, themselves often branched, with small beaded ultimate ramuli. Very variable in branching pattern, plants of exposed coasts often simple with small terminal tufts of ramuli.
Habitat: On rocks and stones and epiphytic, mid and lower intertidal in pools, and shallow subtidal, generally distributed, common.

Fucus vesiculosus
Similar species: Gastroclonium reflexum (Chauvin) Kützing, a rare species with strongly reflexed branches, only on SE and S coasts of Britain and Ireland; W coast of France, Spain and Portugal, and western Mediterranean.

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Photographs © M.D. Guiry